Brand Activation

Brand Activation

We provide complete marketing, creative design and project management for clients who require end to end solutions to activate their brand consistently across all touch points to positively impact their bottom line.

To successfully activate your brand we will develop an integrated marketing communications program and project manage the implementation on time and on budget. This will help effectively drive the delivery of your brand message to reach your targeted customers and employees.

Brand Activation


Brand Design

Naming, brand identity, tone of voice, brand guidelines

Online & Digital

Websites, email campaigns, social media

Integrated Marketing

Animation, videos, lead generation, thought leadership campaigns


Key messaging, leadership communications, presentation planning and design

Sales Activation

Sales tools, process design

Employee engagement

Communications, events, training



Brand Activation

Internal Activation

  • Rapidly change the behaviours and attitudes of employees and the way your company sees itself
  • Equip sales teams with the most effective tools, skills and methods to build their confidence and performance
  • Create visibility and esteem for business units amongst their parent company leadership and other business units
  • Instil confidence amongst investors, boards of directors and other key figures
  • Ensure best practices and company policies are transferred to all levels of your staff
Brand Activation

External Activation

  • Ensure implemented strategies are followed, and any challenges that appear are properly addressed and navigated
  • Increase and strengthen lead generation and close rates
  • Improve and strengthen distribution relationships
  • Ensure effective and smooth new customer acquisitions
  • Accelerate revenue generation and market share
  • Adjust and shape market perceptions to your benefit
  • Increase influential media interest
  • Inspire a healthy fear in rival companies
  • Increase customer confidence to make you the number 1 choice within your industry